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Discover some of the pages included in the Road Book 2021 and its features


Guide fully in PDF format

Maps, photos and much more

Tracks GPS to guide yourself

An essential aid in PDF format, to help you plan a bicycle trip around the country.

Maps, photos, technical and tourist information, tips and curiosities about Portugal and the Portuguese, in a 260-page guide that, very soon, will also include routes in the archipelagos.

In a network divided by sections, 137 pages are already dedicated to each suggested cycling day, with maps and all the information needed to plan the day-to-day of a long bicycle trip.

Using any map-and-navigation app installed on your smartphone, you can guide yourself through any part of the network using GPS tracks, in gpx and kml formats, which come with the guide.


Cover page and instructions about the Road Book itself


137 maps, one for each section of the network, with useful information

Dinamic map

One page with direct link to each one of the 137 sections

Useful tips

Tips about Portugal and the Portuguese

19 Routes

4 Meridional routes and other  15 Parallel, all over the country

Plan & Sketch

A map to print and sketch your cycling vadventure