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Unforgettable visions in environments hidden from most touristic routes


"The essential guide to explore Portugal on a bicycle"

Shifter, Portugal

"The National Cycle Touring Network is the ideal way to discover Portugal by bicycle"

Ekonomista, Portugal

"What a marvelous body of work!  Thank you so much.  The time we have to explore will not even touch so many exciting cycling opportunities!"

William & Cherry, Estados Unidos da América

"A BIG - BIG - BIG thank you for the beautyful trails we followed for the past 2 weeks. Our trip through Portugal was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!"

Jovan & Marian Dierkx, Países Baixos

Various Landscapes

In a country with little more than 570 km long and 160 km wide, at each pedal there is a discovery of new landscapes and environments.

Ocean, Rivers and Estuaries

From the Atlantic to the thousands of rivers and streams, passing through hundreds of dams, weirs and reservoirs, there are many blue water mirrors to behold. And of course, thousands of ocean and river beaches, across the country.

Cities, villages and hamlets

From the great metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto to the small towns and semi-desert villages in the interior of the country, each section is a new discovery

Castles and Fortifications

With greater emphasis on the border regions, from north to south it's possible to see military constructions, walled villages and towns, the ancient testimony of wars and political tensions within the Iberian Peninsula

Bike lanes and Rails-to-trails

Several infrastructures dedicated exclusively to light mobility are appearing all over the country. From urban and leisure bike lanes to rails-to-trails - old railroad deactivated sections - there are many ways to travel by bicycle in Portugal

Macadam rural roads

Mostly on macadam, but also on asphalt, these are the "out of traffic routes identified so that you can travel by pedal through the real country, unknown to many and away from large urban areas.



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