More bicycles inside trains !

For the first time in the history of CP - Comboios de Portugal (the portuguese state-owned train company), some carriages are being redesigned to allow the transport of 12 bicycles, in a spacious area dedicated to bicycle mobility.

Text: P. Guerra dos Santos

Photos: José Carlos Barbosa, director of Maintenance and Engineering at CP

Sorefame carriage, after renovation and intervention.

We already know that the state-owned passenger railway company is on the rise again. The reopening of several workshops and the hiring of dozens of new civil and mechanical locksmiths allowed CP to increase its supply capacity by recovering dozens of carriages, self-propelled units and traction machines that had been parked for years all over the country.

But the news does not stop there. Aware of the increase in the number of passengers traveling with their bicycles - the Douro and Algarve Railway Lines burst at the seams in the number of pedaling passengers - CP decided to incorporate in the famous Sorefame carriages, manufactured in Portugal in the 1980s/90s, a large space dedicated exclusively to passengers who are transported with their bicycles.

Designed from scratch and adapted to the structure of this type of carriages, this is the first time that the Portuguese railway company has assumed, on such a large scale, its unconditional support for cycling mobility and, in particular, to cycle tourism.

View from one side of the area reserved for the storage of 12 bicycles.

According to José Carlos Barbosa, director of Maintenance and Engineering at CP, this is just the first of 4 Sorefame carriages that will be recovered with an intervention R2 type (overhaul) and in which spaces dedicated to passengers who like to travel will be train and also by bicycle.They will all circulate on the Douro Raileay Line, the most touristic in the country, making a regular passenger transport service. And bicycles of course!

New support hooks, wider, more robust and of variable lengths.


"... CP's designers reinforced the bicycle support hooks using larger and thicker tubes ..."


A crowdfunding campaign is underway to finance the identification of a new road book exclusively with routes in mountain, high-mountain and deep valley areas to be pedalled using electric bikes.

Be part of the succes of this campaign and get your reward.

More information at Portugal's Best E-Bike Tours | PPL

But there is more.

This time, the CP designers reinforced the bicycle support hooks using pipes with a larger section and thickness, thus ensuring the safe transport of even electrically assisted bicycles, which are generally heavier than conventional ones.

In due course CP will publicize the date on which these carriages (re) will enter into service to the public. We look forward to more news.

The National Cycle Tourism Network congratulates ALL CP professionals, as well as the company, for the incredible effort to maintain and modernize the rolling stock and for the growing support for bicycle tourism in our country.

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