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Without unnecessary costs on expensive signage, this project uses the latest and most advanced satellite georeferencing technologies


Using all the knowledge and experience acquired over the last 25 years to carry out engineering projects for communication and transport routes - one of the several branches of study of civil engineering - I identify for you the National Cycling Tourism Network.

It includes several cycling infrastructures spread across the country but completely disconnected from each other, such as cycle paths, greenways and rails-to-trails. Along with macadam rural and forest paths, as well as asphalted roads with low car traffic which take travelers on a pedal to visit the most beautiful, and sometimes isolated, landscapes of the country, thus showing them all the heritage and landscaping of this small rectangle at the westernmost point of the European continent.


With this information "in situ" I develop this tourist guide, exclusively in digital PDF format (paper is not wasted like that) with maps and detailed information of each stage / section as well as the GPS trails that guide travelers on these bike tours, thus dispensing in this way any type of signage on the ground thus eliminating the economic and environmental costs of manufacturing, applying and maintaining such equipment.



People, companies and institutions that support this project.

Thank you all !

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